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Member Realtors: Receive One Month Subscription FREE, for each Personal Referral you send us! Send us an email (ron@listingoffice.com) with your Referals' name & city, we will credit your account for your monthly fee once they join!

How do I Join and why? We send buyers & sellers to your website for pennies of what SEO & Pay-per-clicks cost! 

1) You are on www.ListingOffice.com
2) Click on (1) "Choose Your City", fill out the reserve city form.
3) Click on (2) "Membership Request", fill out the payment info.

In a nut shell....Home buyers and sellers use any number of search words & phrases to find a real estate site to search for homes & prices, this is why companies call to try and sell you adwords and pay-per-click advertising at most times very high monthly fees, so you can attract these buyers and sellers to your website.

Our website Portal combines everyone's Real Estate website by linking them together. By doing so, everyone's website popularity is combined and helps to build web traffic for one and all. As we add Realtor's websites to the Portal, we get higher ratings with the search engines. Every month we are getting stronger and stronger; growing exponentially as we expand across the United States, state by state, city by city, from the West to the East Coast. 

We are doing this in four phases. We are currently in our phase #2 beta test.

As we move across the USA; we will get to the different phases in which we will add thousands of Realtors on our way to the East Coast.  

Realtors: Simply; our national home search site sends buyers and sellers to local Realtors websites daily, for pennies of what Adwords, SEO and pay-per-click charges by attaching your website to our national portal. You will still get the benefits of the SEO we purchase for our Portal at no additional cost to you!

-----DUE TO MULTIPLE DUPLICATE CITY REQUESTS BY DIFFERENT REALTORS, PRIORITY FOR CITY REQUESTS WILL BE DECIDED BY PAYPAL SIGN UP DATE & TIME....For your insurance, you can do steps 1) and 2) in reverse to ensure you lock in your city! If you see your city is available, lock it in on step 2) before someone else does!

For a more wordy explanation, keep reading.

We will advertise and enhance your website to your city on the USA search map for an incredibly low price!

We have launched our Home Search National Website Portal; phase #1 is in progress for beta testing, reserve your city/suburb today, because when it�s Gone, It�s Gone! One Realtor per city/suburb!  

Don't be one of the Realtors that will be saying; "I should have taken my city when it was available", because when they are gone, they're gone!

 How does it Work?

INTERNET PORTAL: ListingOffice.com� cordially invites you to a preview of this unique Lead Generating Website Portal. All CRS Alumni know the importance of a Referral based business that is taught in CRS 210. ListingOffice.com� members enjoy their own unending supply of buyer and seller leads. Simply nurture your clients & closings for your future referral success. Imagine the potential of having your own website advertised for your city, and then receive all of the Leads generated directly to you from our advertising. YourCityListingOffice.com is your personal website linked to your city! Tried and proven, IT WORKS! You will receive more traffic for pennies of what it would cost you to duplicate. As Realtor websites are added to our Portal; the search engine awareness rises higher and higher; bringing you more and more clients.
We have built a one of a kind Real Estate Portal in ListingOffice.com� with phenomenal National Brand Awareness. Join; and we will link your website exclusively to your City searches. Every City is interconnected generating traffic for each other. RESULT: As buyers search for homes on the internet; our Optimization (SEO) gives ListingOffice.com� higher placement in the search engines, leading more buyers to your website, resulting in more Leads to Closings. You can't lose.

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Over 5 Years in the making, Tested & Proven! It Works!
Finally; a Lead Generating Website for Real Estate Agents with No Referral Fees! We also include Optimization for free so you won't have to. Preview ListingOffice.com! Until you join; all leads are going to the National lead center for distribution. Join now and funnel them to your personal website!

Question #1: I already have a working website; why should I join? ↓↓↓

Depending on how much or how little internet marketing you purchase per month; your website stands alone and is measured by the search engines based on that performance level. Being a part of our traffic building portal; you will receive leads that you wouldn�t have had. You have 100% control, after all it's your website. It's like a hyper link in reverse. Think of a home or list of homes you send to your client(s) from your local MLS search; each search is a marketing tool promoting you. Each home search on our Portal gets sent directly to your website; promoting you. 

Question #2: What's in it for me?
OPTIMIZATION: As each Realtor joins; his/her website has exclusive rights for their city, when we add your website to the Listing Office Portal, our website optimization generates more search engine awareness bringing more targeted traffic to ALL cities as a whole, growing exponentially as each city is added. Join now while your city/suburb is still available. The popular ones are going fast. 
At these prices, How Long Will Your City Be Available? Click on your city to see if it is. If the Century 21 National Website appears once you click on Property Search; it is available.  

Please understand these cities are available on a first come, first served basis, only One Agent per City/Suburb. Each city will have its own place and internal link on the United States map.

I wish you all a Great Selling Year. Have a Wonderful Day!
Ronald Sterling, Realtor, CRS, GRI, e-PRO & SRES Certified.
Owner: ListingOffice.com� 509-220-8352
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